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Death Note English Subtitles Download ===> DOWNLOAD

Death Note English Subtitles Download ===> DOWNLOAD

"What's this? Come on! I haven't been studying!" Chapter 8: The Part That Shouldn't Have Been Told The light of the surrounding room reflected back to me. The shade of purple that filled my vision was more vivid than usual. My body felt heavier than usual. But, on the other hand, the exhaustion that I felt was strange. It was as if I had been drained out. Why was it that I couldn't rest? What was this? This fatigue. I had experienced it earlier on. It was a kind of exhaustion that I couldn't explain. "Is it due to overwork? I haven't been doing anything!" I had been thinking of asking this to the members of the Research and Investigation Division, who had asked me to meet them early in the morning. "Who would have known?" I didn't say anything more. "What's this? What do I do? Answer me, answer me! No, it's not possible that I would have succumbed to a sleep sickness. It's not because of fatigue. How can I fall asleep, when I'm possessed? Even if I wanted to, it wouldn't work. That's just it!" However, I still kept my mouth shut. I didn't know if I should leave the room. I didn't want to. It was the room of the Laughing Man. "This is getting out of hand. I don't need to be involved in this." Why, after all, did I have to stay? If I became angry, I could have brought all the Police Department on our tails. "I will have to make sure that nothing untoward happens." "What's that?" I had a friend, who worked as a manager in the Bureau of Investigations of Criminal Affairs. "What do you mean?" Even if I put aside my friends, there weren't too many people who knew about that case. "I will have to make sure that no one leaks anything about this case to anyone, understand?" "As you wish. I see." And I had spoken to that friend in the Bureau of Investigations. "There's no need to worry. I'm the only one in the entire police that knows about this. This case is not mentioned in the


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