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Even With Tears

Before my time, grew icicles from old snow and people claimed that igloo was my home. Long-due bills awaited at doorstep and never melted away, even with tears. I was raised by the icy water that built debt on my skin. One day, a glacier broke into halves, and I left my eyes at the cold estate.

Before my eyes, was the smell of pine tree pricking every inch of my body. Broad meadow concealed the light out of my reach and never blinked once, even with tears. I sank among trees when I faced glary yellows disguised as eyes. Deadlock, a hyena jumped with its claws and left fear on me.

Before my fear, dew-soaked beast panted and circled a tenth way to my heart. Low growls sharpened its pointy fangs but never killed me fully, even with tears. I let it gnaw long on my secret dreams while pieces of my arms fell off. In vain, an ink spilt over its head but only few coins fell upon my feet.

Before my feet, was a sign to dead passages with fees high as my first love. Pitch-black darkness hindered me from heavy punch, which never carried enough, even with tears. I begged for few more seconds when it was counting for years. Kneeling, a final confession slipped out and hung on my back.

Before my back, stood the frantic monster and ready for last blow to my soul. Rancid bristle bore the same scars as mine and never healed to bones, even with tears. I saw it trembling with sacks of burden and saying, ‘I am too hurt’. For once, a step led me to a new path with no canines and I started running.

Behind myself, was her distorted face still singing the song of Eskimos, my root. Oval light finally shone on the forest of past and never dimmed ever since, even with tears. I learned to denounce her and to love her but never found the way back to the igloo. Destroyed, a call of mine now is to wander forever.

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