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Postpartum Music

Ladies and Gentlemen,

many songs have been written and this is one of them.

Mo'Horizons, "Yes Baby Yes"

Silence a sound and then a symphony

from the sixties or contemporary

because you wonder of the key

b minor it could be

a cute

nascendo of a flute

cuts short a scream

you are the minor it may seem

and it is key for you be that baby

the soloist in movements ment to move

silence a sigh and then a lullaby

a cursing or an alibi

a child you need to glorify

you best feed with a lie

this youth

is spying for the truth

beats into the seam

you are a miner it may seem

and it is key for you to be that quarry

in mountains tainted on your own account

a silent mask more than a mother

the only one or just another

you are assured you really love her

a notion only you can smother

this heart

contracted to the art

beats in a dream

you are a rhymer it may seem

and it is key for you to be that buoy

in a cold ocean holding on to the emotion

the final stanza is a ditty

a poet walks an ancient city

who gladly wanders off the key

an excavator recognizes me

(11/13 from the cycle "How Are You | 13 Poems")


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