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The Past And Future Of The Parting Scene

don anaran aratge chaval dels mortz e dels nafratz Bertran de Born

Quick your horse is ready the battle of the cheek it has begun and you are in the thick of it two entrenched fields of skin one heated fight don't you forget on every side here it ends so please begin the peach awaits your speech why is this horse so stiff and steady deploy the slang of slag the stack you carried all your life log by log a thousand miles stumble now as planned and let it drop a makeshift staircase she ascends good night lady and good luck Wake up your train is whistling the business of the cheek is separation from its own warmth in cushion the morning cold will burn the lips they too do split and call it trip

a word dares to escape

past the sleeping tongue

don't let the driver wait another age he has deserved the monster tip keep the change if you are listening I shall not return


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