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Advent 2 - Wreath

The right of way is fenced

the ground you race across is rough you run too fast

two strands of barbed wire on willow poles

but she flies swifter than the lightfood wind

the poles are crooked and badly trimmed

no rough forester am I no unkempt shepherd guarding here

whenever a crotch comes to the proper height

check your swift flight

the wire lays in it and where there is no crotch

I will not chase so fast

the barbed wire is lashed to the post

oh stay I am no foe to fear

with rusty baling wire

every creature flees its foes

beyond the fence the corn lies beaten down

lambs flee from wolves

by wind and heat and drought

but love spurs my pursuit

and the cups where leaf joins stalk

upon her shoulders and her tumbling hair

are filled with dust

her tender bosom wrapped in thin smooth bark


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