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Tinfoil Poet of the Copper Age

I am old, but fashioned.

I am out, yet dated by eternity.

I am a daymare.

Ride me for a while

and I sing you a song

of the night in shining armor.

As I was sitting

at a table just for one

in the Look Mom Hotel

waiting for the waiter,

she came and left

before I ordered.

And I kept waiting.

(No Rider, not for you,

but as you say it, why not?)

I waited, and out of youth,

a time that you call past,

I came to me.

Oh ghoul, I cried,

I’ve channeled you

with my four-cornered hat.

Why do you wear

this rusty copper cask? he said.

In soundless unison we sat.

Will never leave you, added we.

You dance in this? we asked me.

Because there comes to be

a non-surprise party of all ghouls.

We summon ye,

you 24/7 no party ghosts!


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