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Will Report

Will report

if he who rhymes

can betray to you the time

of his return

I am afraid that he cannot

but all the times

time’s mystery

would that for you a reason be

to read this poem to the end for once

elusive reader

do I have your ear

if I will make the truth appear

like Beethoven the voice

in a final move

so lower now your needle

in the groove

and bear my drift

before I solve the deepest riddle

to the sage or scientist

until then

I can sell you anything

and even tell

that I have been in hospital

where Venus shaved my leg

oh well

I said

it’s time for time now

time is not an arrow

yet an umbrella

that closed is aimed at you

but opened holds a space

protecting you against

the heavy pains

and keeping dry your face

(5/13 from the cycle "How Are You? 13 Poems)

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